White Soft Annealed Wire (FILO COTTO BIANCO)

White soft annealed steel wire is also called oxygen-free annealed wire, vacuum annealed wire, which is a kind of annealed steel wire.It is non-galvanized wire, but its color is bright white, similar to the color of galvanized wire.

It is made by selecting high-quality low-carbon raw materials, through cold drawing, heating, constant temperature, heat preservation and other processes.Its elongation is better than ordinary iron wire, and its tensile strength is uniform. The surface color is white, and the appearance is relatively elegant, flat and smooth and consistent in color.Its surface is clean and free of impurities,good adhesion, making it the best choice for plastic coating, and painting etc..Then it is made into our common handicrafts, such as Christmas tree wire, used as coils on books and other products.

Filo Cotto Bianco
White soft annealed steel wire

The finished product is coated with anti-rust oil, which is not easy to rust.It is widely used in various fields. It can be bundled according to customer requirements, and can be made into double-wire small coils (refer to picture 2), which are used for daily bundling, grape trellis binding, etc., which are convenient to carry and use.

It can also be made into 500-600kg per roll according to customer requirements (refer to picture 1), which is convenient for customers to process and use, save labor, and do not stick to the wire. It is also used in construction bundling (refer to picture 3), the advent of automatic bundling machines has made bundling of steel bars more convenient, and the good toughness of white soft annealed wire makes it the first choice for this kind of small coiled wire.Of course, it can also be made into U-shaped wire, cut wire, etc. The specific requirements can be customized according to customer requirements.

White soft annealed wire is widely used. Because of its environmental protection, no pollution, good extensibility and uniform strength, it has become the preferred choice in many fields in many countries.

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